Empowering Engagement

L5 Innovations is a strategic marketing development company. We enhance partnership experiences and drive conversion of new audiences, specializing in live events leveraging traditional and non-linear technologies.

Mobile Activation

Play, Win, and Repeat.

We bring partners together to create a unique mobile activation which engages fans in a virtual experience. We link technology, partners and audience to drive revenue.


Building and driving new engagements through our proprietary rewards and loyalty programs. Conversion of new audiences by using rewards, loyalty and live events through traditional and non-linear exposure.

Connect to Your Customers

Providing opportunities for businesses to connect with their customer base through technology and gamification. We drive revenue, expand customer diversity, loyalty and increase audience engagement.


We make your customers and partners winners! Through solution-based technology, content and gamification your customers can win each time they engage with your brand. Through partnerships we enhance experiences and drive conversions for your customers.

How to Play